LAST CHANCE - Valkyrie Squadron 1 - ECCC 2018 Variant

LAST CHANCE - Valkyrie Squadron 1 - ECCC 2018 Variant



This is for the 2018 Emerald City Comic Con exclusive variant cover - Float of the Valkyries! This cover was done to celebrate Emerald City and Seattle's beautiful nautical influences.  Preorder exclusively to ship or pickup at the show.  Limited quantities.  Order while supplies last.

Contains Valkyrie Squadron Book 1. 

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Valkyrie Squadron 1

Priss leads a team of fighters into a war zone flooded with killer drones.  She and her team are "Valkyries" or space fighters geared towards rescue.  The drones have been making entire colonies of people disappear and the Valkyries' latest mission proves to be much more than they expected. With their only transport to safety taken out of commission, the Valkyries are in for the fight of their lives to get themselves and any others off the colony alive.