Off the Deep-End Bundle

Off the Deep-End Bundle


If you missed Emerald City Comic Con, now you can grab this set while supplies last! 

Deep-Ender 1

Ages 13 and Up

Written by John Lees

Art by Jules Rivera and Ashton Wagner

Letters by Colin Bell

A sports-comedy-romance that follows Ollie, a man with more anxiety than sense.  In order to overcome the trauma from a near-drowning, Ollie decides to take swimming classes at his local pool - an aging gym with an even more aging clientele.  While Ollie has every reason to leave pool full of crazy, naked old people, he does find one reason to stay: Silvia. 

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Valkyrie Squadron 1 ECCC Variant

Ages 10 and Up

Story and Art by Jules Rivera

In a war against robot drones, entire colonies of people are disappearing.  The Valkyries are a team of rescue fighters who find themselves way over their heads when one rescue mission goes horribly wrong.

Read if you like: ladies with space lasers

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