VAlkyrie Squadron


Valkyrie Squadron is the team of female fighters locked in space war on robot drones.  The drones have been invading civilian colonies, making entire populaces disappear.  It's up to the Valkyries to find out where these people are going and how they can be saved.

Webcomic coming soon and will be free to read.  Preview available at

Misfortune High


Misfortune High is an all ages graphic novel about wizards, magic, dragons, and class warfare.  Will, aka "Biscuit," is a rich kid from a fancy magic school.  He gets expelled from his school for cheating and lying.  As punishment, his father decides to send him to a magic school in the ghetto.  Hilarity and magic fireballs ensue.

Preview available to read online at

Kickstarter videos available to view on the Animation page.